Technical Implementation - The Omni-Channel Philosophy

Different technological tools use during narrative, make today an integral part of the story and the way it is received by the public.


A good knowledge of the available digital tool used to diffuse your content, is essential in your branded content strategy. These tools are at the heart of the creative process lead by our team; they eventually contribute in directing the editorial content.


For us, the consumer should be able to find our content on all platforms, passing from one screen to another, from one media outlet to another, and even from the online to the offline. Our content itself, should be able to meet him wherever he turns his attention.


This is the Omni-Channel philosophy, through which ever modern branded content strategy should be carried.


The user should be able to find the branded content throughout all the media outlets that form his daily web of information: Mobile, PC, tablet, magazines... The keyword is the carrier of the switch from one media outlet to the other, or from the online to the offline. This continuity of the message throughout all supporting channels, that parallels the client's behavior is at the base of the Omni-Channel strategy operated by Social Aim.


Executing an omni-channel campaign supposes editorial proficiency in conceptualizing strategies and branded messages to diffuse; but also a lot of technical know-how, to succeed in the implementation of these strategies. Social Aim works hand in hand with Proximity Agency, which supports implementation and diffusion through the latest technologies it always acquires.