Stories to link your brand to its clients

Storytelling allows you to circumvent three major obstacles that could stand between your brand and its clients.


The first obstacle is not new: It is about the mistrust that consumers have vis-a-vis commercial messages from brands.


The second obstacle is relatively newer: The end user today has the option to block commercial message. This block that consumers can impose on advertising is one of the major challenges facing communication professionals. The consumer today is severely annoyed by advertising messages and had many ways of blocking them, such as:|

  • Not allowing advertising mail in his PO Box, and deleting/spamming them in his email.
  • Activating "Ads Blockers" in his browser.
  • Pressuring local authorities to reduce billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising.


Facing these new consumer behaviors, brand no longer have a choice; they are pressured to produce content that is interesting to the consumer. This content should be based on storytelling that is specifically desirable by the end consumer through giving him real added value, carrying him into the mood of the moment, and injecting keywords and concepts along the way (along with a specifically targeted SEO campaign). Exceptional content is one that takes the consumer on an imaginary trip, because every story is an invitation to travel.



Pay attention to the third and trickiest challenge to overcome; which is the tendency to zap: The main challenge of "storytelling" is to tell a story that captures the attention of the consumer till the end, without zapping. But amidst all the stories brands are telling: How to make your own story heard? How to make sure your audience is listening till the conclusion you are trying to take them to?



It is by appealing to real storytellers, who know how to create narrative that appeal to both your brand and its clients. 

In effect, while analyzing the data collected on audience demand, a relevant creative idea emerges in response. Based on this idea, our storytellers start creating the "story" that will connect you to your client.