Le Gray Beirut

Hotel Le Gray (Beirut) is a contemporary luxury hotel that prides itself on its service, world class restaurants, and plethora of amenities. The hotel’s many offerings come wrapped in a magnificently cultured style, and they wanted to extend this aura to their Social Media.

The Social Media

Social Aim was contracted to begin creating a Facebook presence for Hotel Le Gray which included:

  • informing current and future customers about what is going at the hotel
  • highlighting the many amenities of the hotel
  • showcasing a personal yet cultured image on the Facebook page
  • promoting the restaurants and bars the hotel has to offer
  • developing a strategy for posts that incorporate all the hotel’s desires for their Facebook page

Our approach

The agency marketers, strategists and content creators focused on what they saw as the hotel’s most intriguing facets in order to attract attention to the Facebook page and more guests to the hotel as a whole. The Agency approach included:

  • Creating the company’s Facebook page and popularizing it to users that share interests similar to the services offered by the hotel
  • Creating the hotel Instagram account
  • Highlighting regular events hosted by the hotel to attract those that may not only be interested in a place to stay
  • Showcasing the hotel’s amenities that make it stand out from other hotels in the city
  • Bringing attention to the art and decor of the hotel through images and written posts
  • Creating separate pages with explanations and pictures for the various restaurants and bars that are a part of the hotel

Social Aim also launched an Instagram based promotional campaign, focused on a microsite that allows users to post their photos to the site by using hashtags designated for the hotels different venues. The users with the most likes on the photo they’ve posted to the site, atlegray.com, were awarded prizes worth up to $5,000. The purpose of this Blog is to allow for guests to quickly and easily share their experience, and work to build a community out of those that frequent, or visit Le Gray Hotel.

Results already seen as a result of the campaign include:

  • Increases in both likes and user activity on Le Gray Hotel and other related Facebook pages
  • A stronger online presence of the hotel as a whole allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Professional and appealing pages through high quality photographs and posts
  • A hotel that appears more personal to potential and current clientele
At le Gray

At Le Gray, is a Blog launched to pull all photos from Instagram that are tagged with a predefined hashtag. It was used during a photo contest, where visitors can take a photo at any outlet at Le Gray Beirut.

When the touristic season came in sight, we launched a campaign connected to Facebook, under the title « At Le Gray ». The campaign was all about inviting Le Gray’s clients to post the most beautiful  photo of the hotel. A competition was launched through a dedicated tab (application), using these photos. The application was technically developed through our sister agency, « Proximity Agency ». 

What we did:

  • Logo creation & design
  • Blog design
  • Campaign definition & design
  • Flyers design