Disconnect... by Mövenpick

Beirut, a city made of movement and noise (and anger sometimes), can be a city of constant stress.

Within this context, Movenpick Hotel gave us a rather delicate mission : to invite Beirutis and tourists to relax and disconnect, to incite them to take a break, and to take them on a wellness trip outside of the city, without having to leave it.

The idea was to position Movenpick as a beautiful escape : An amazing view, the beach, refined gastronomy, spa and beauty treatments… In order to bring forward all of these aspects, we created a blog, entitled « Disconnect ».

During summer, Beirutis and visitors were able to use many of our receative ideas, in order to forget the insane rythme of this Middle Eastern Pearl.

Beauty and relaxation tips, gourmet recipes, and sports tips… The blog provided a lot of welcome ideas to stay « zen » under the capital’s burning sun.

Disconnect was connected to another media outlet dedicated to lifestyle : FashionLuma.com, in order to access an already available and engaged audience on the website and social media channels.