A Web 2.0 Couture Experience

Ashi Studio

A Saudi fashion designer, Ashi Studio is becoming more and more famous not only in the Gulf countries, but also all around the world. More and more celebrities are spotted wearing his creations. International fashion magazines talk about his collections.

However, he still considers himself as an “underground” fashion designer and feels the need to get more visibility through a smart and progressive process.

We came up with a whole digital strategy. Our scope was to:

  • Design & Create a blog highlighting Ashi’s inspirational universe : "Dark Lilies"
  • Create content for the blog, especially articles, highly sharable on the social media
  • Design a digital campaign for the blog itself, including videos and visuals
  • Create content for the Facebook & Instagram
  • Share on Twitter and Facebook any valuable content published about Ashi in Fashion magazines
  • Develop an iPad application for the use of Ashi’s customers