Arab National Bank

Arab National Bank offering commercial and investment banking services, as well as specialized services in the fields of heavy equipment leasing and home finance. ANB is a commercial bank catering to the diverse needs of its corporate and retail clients. To service a large and varied customer base, which exceeds 2 million, the bank has an extensive distribution network, with over 270 premises spanning over the Saudi Kingdom.

Social Aim has been involved in three phases: Engagement, through a trivia competition, Brand Content, through social media community management and the campaign “Discover Ramadan” and ad deployment, by creating Facebook ads.

A unique strategy was developed to fit ANB's needs, where Social Aim Digital Strategists, Creative and Consultants worked together to provide high quality content that would work to promote their business.

The Social Aim approach included:

  • Defining a Social Media and content strategy
  • Animating ANB Facebook page and popularizing it to users that share interests similar to the services offered by the bank
  • Performing Facebook ads to support Ramadan and Back to school operation

The results

  • A stronger online presence of the bank as a whole allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Dramatic increases in the number of affinity fans
  • Professional and appealing pages through high quality photographs and posts
  • A bank that appears more personal to potential and current clientele