The Media Studio: Story in the Making

Certain brands talk loudly how they have become media outlets, due to their production and diffusion of content; which is true in a sense. This have been said, and to be more accurate, we can say that these brands were able to invest the cultural sphere rather than the information landscape. The process is not that of pulling press production elements together, nor that of fitting brands to the correct advertising space; but that of using the media making process itself in terms of content.  



Marketers start by defining their brand's target audience, then move to define the type of content coveted by this target audience, in order to establish an emotional connection and bring value added.


The secret of a good story here, is its capacity to retain the audience all along; and this involves the synergic work of a multi-disciplinary team of creative experts.


In our studio, editors and scenarists work together to weave stories that appeal to our clients' imagination. Our designers, photographers and video makers add the audiovisual interpretation of the narrative.



All our professionals know that content should be adapted to be diffused across several platforms of which social media channels and websites. This is why, our technicians work closely with each other, to provide the technical support needed for our multi-channeled approach.