Woo your target market through Content Marketing

Social Aim Staff

Imagine you walk into a party and you see this beautiful girl standing with her girlfriends, and you wish to grab her attention. You see many guys approaching her but she doesn’t even notice them, and you sit and think of ways to catch her eye?

In order to stand out among the competition (other guys) you need to possess qualities which are of her interest. But how would you know what she is interested in or looking for? Here is where you need to do your own research and try and figure out what she is interested in to use it to your own advantage. So you observe her. What is she drinking? Is she dancing? What are her friends like?

This is exactly how content marketing works, first you need to study your target market in order to attract them and provide them with content that attends to a specific need.

After you gather good content you now have what you need to grab her attention as you pass by. Once you do grab her attention you have to woo her, because you don’t want her thinking you are after a one night stand, but a long term relationship. One which is built on trust, good communication, and loyalty. In order to lead such a relationship you need to constantly listen to her needs and attend to them, and make her happy.

In addition, you won’t only lead a happy committed relationship, but she will constantly tell her friends and family about you.

The same way you built a successful relationship with your partner you need to do with your business using a content marketing strategy! This means you need to distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content using different media platforms which leads to the development of a loyal relationship with your customers and more brand awareness through positive word of mouth.

Let’s take a look at Red Bull’s strategy; Red bull is a drink that gives you energy so in its campaign it targets people who are adventurous and love the adrenaline rush of extreme sports, and those who would definitely be interested in a drink that “gives [them] wings”.

Don’t you just love going back home to a satisfied partner that is looking forward to attend to your needs? Woo your customers the same way and they will always come back for more!

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