The news about Facebook new algorithm is nothing new

Elodie Morel

We don’t get the big buzz on Facebook announcing it will be “showing less content from brands and media on users’ newsfeeds”: Facebook has been doing this for years now.


We agencies were hit in early 2010s by the first big changes of Facebook’s Algorithm, which made our clients’ posts much less visible in their fans’ newsfeeds


Remember. In 2012, the percentage of their fans seing their content was only 16%. In 2014, Facebook organic reach dropped to 6.5% on average, so even fewer fans are seeing brands’ posts. And in 2016, this rate dropped at 2 or 3%. Yes. 2 or 3% of a community that brands built with their time and money, when they launched their fan pages.


From that moment on, it was almost impossible for brands to reach their fans without investing some money on each post. Organic reach was already dead.


So, the news of Facebook privileging your friends’ and family’s content is nothing new, really.


The real question we would like to ask is, how much more money will brands have to pay to reach their target? We still haven’t gotten any clear answer.


Meanwhile, we will continue to tell our clients that they still should be present on Facebook… while building their own platform where they can host their own community and properly engage it, with valuable content. 

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