Influencers Case Study: Why We Love Lisa Eldridge

Elodie Morel

Let's make it clear from the beginning: We have nothing to do with Lisa Eldridge's Social Media strategy.


This being said, here below is an article we published on our sister media It's about why we love watching the videos of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge on Youtube. 


Of course, we love her work in general. She’s worked with most famous cosmetic brands and most wellknown models. Last year she published her first book: «Face Paint: A story of Make-Up». She’s the Creative Director of Lancôme, and currently their best Brand Ambassador. She’s regularly issuing tutorials on «Lancôme Makeup Atelier» Youtube channel. Oh, and we also love her British accent when she speaks French !! But there’s always more !


We love watching her videos because…


She’s Authentic

Whether vlogging on her own digital platform or on Lancôme’s, she keeps it simple and genuine. She doesn’t hesitate to show herself bareskin before beginning her make-up. On the contrary, when she’s got a spot, she shows us exactly how to hide it while using concealer like a pro.


She’s a Fan of the Parisian Style

We love it when she says «Bonjour» and «A bientôt» in her tutorials for Lancôme. So British… while giving a nice image of Frenchies (Yes, Parisian people do like it when you say hello before engaging any conversation, online and offline. It’s part of our concept of politeness, whether Natalie Portman likes it or not).


She’s a 40-Something Mother of Two

Lisa Eldridge was born in 1974, married with two kids ; she’s been publishing videos on Youtube since 2008. Listening to her make-up tips and guidance over the years is very comforting when you’re affraid of aging. (By the way, If her hiring by Lancôme was meant to attract women in their forties, then it was a very smart move from the brand. Well done !)


She Spontaneous Even in Official Videos

Her tutorials on Lancôme Make-up Atelier are pure brand content, they feature only the French brand’s products. But still, she stays so spontaneous while teaching us how to use them.
But if you want to watch the totally wilde version of her, you have to check her personal blog and Youtube Channel. She explains everything on how to use any kind of products, from very expensive concealers to drugstore lipsticks.


Actually, we love Lisa Eldridge.


She’s just real !!

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