About us

Social Aim is a communication agency, born digital, that became omni-channel.

We started in 2008. At the time, we were focused on social marketing: we defined the strategy of our customers on social networks. We were responding to the growing demand of companies who, in 2008-2009, questioned their digital positioning, particularly on social media.

But very quickly brands noticed that the question was not whether or not they should be present on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, nor how many posts to publish per day. It was a question of determining their interesting core value, to be told and shared. In other words, what content they could post on their own digital platforms, and then share them strategically on social networks.

This notion of content has become crucial. The content is the factor that grabs the attention of customers and consumers, to build a community around the brand.

This content, whether videos, articles, photos or computer graphics, consists of stories.

A story, a good story, is easy to share. This is why it’s being told by the way. We're not jealous of a story. We do not especially want to keep it for ourselves. Besides, when you give us a story that is supposed to remain secret, you want to tell it anyway.

The story is the essence of virality in social marketing.

This is how Social Aim began to specialize in Storytelling, with a team of journalists, editors, storytellers, photographers, directors, and graphic designers.
We are young at heart, crazy in spirit, yet trained and skilled in each outcome it delivers. We all work hand in hand with technical teams capable of accompanying them in the "production" of the content we create for brands.

With the digital evolution, the irruption of the mobile Internet and then the ubiquity of the smartphone in daily contexts (at home, in shops, on the street, in the bank, on the road ...), these stories had to go through several channels to stay alive along the way.

Social Aim then became an omni-channel communication agency, 360 °, able to handle your strategy from end to end, BTL, ATL, offline, online ...beyond traditional communication and advertising! Overcoming obstacles, crossing borders, flying over imagination, it creates dreams out of the global Tower of Babel, builds bridges between brands and consumers, wipes away gaps of misunderstanding, and builds the pillars for an innovative tomorrow based on daring, yet consistent ideas.

Visibility solution, business consultancy, social and influencer creative marketing, and CRM are key for us. All those elements combine in order to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable and long-standing experience. Our proficiency covers the full spectrum of communication, from concept to strategy, development to implementation and execution, offline and online.

Social Aim works with its sister agency Proximity Agency that provides expertise in the digital fields.